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Online Human Resources Software – Free Trial

For any company, their most valuable asset is their people. That’s why Human Resources is such an important part of a company. Nowadays, software could be your most valuable tool when dealing with HR practices. By simplifying your administrative functions, you can...

Shared Parental Leave (SPL)

What’s coming up in DART release 2.4 – Part 1 We thought it would be great to share some updates on what is coming up on the next DART HR Software release 2.4. Well, in summary it has statutory changes, primarily to support Shared Parental Leave (SPL) which was...

Buy Cloud HR Software

Are you looking to buy cloud HR software? If your productivity levels aren’t what they should be, HR Software is ideal. ‘Cloud’ refers to storing and accessing information over the internet. This means you can access all data using an online system-this could be great...

Our latest Blog

  Please find a link to our latest blog – enjoy the read and if you are a small or medium business owner we would love to talk to you about your current methods and processes for managing your HR function.

Paper based systems versus online HR system

Unlike other sectors, HR has a strong connection to every department. From observing how each team contributes to focusing on each individual’s needs, it’s a complex process. HR leaders play an important role in ensuring this goes smoothly. Understandably this can...

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