Simplifies HR for small and medium sized businesses

Are you looking to buy cloud HR software? If your productivity levels aren’t what they should be, HR Software is ideal.

‘Cloud’ refers to storing and accessing information over the internet. This means you can access all data using an online system-this could be great for HR, which works across many departments.

For the best software in this field, consider heading to Cirrus. Our DART HR software could be the ultimate solution. This includes the option of a cloud based system.

Established in 2002, we are specialists in HR & Payroll Services and Solutions. Thanks to a diverse range of clients, we’ve developed our software to meet a variety of needs. This includes DART Cloud: a complete HR solution without the IT admin. With full access to our DART data centre, you can become more efficient without your own IT support.

Advantages of this option includes: a modern and secure data centre; full access through your internet connection with minimal PC software installation; full installation and administration, including regular scheduled back-ups; upgrades as soon as updates are available; and a dedicated account manager.

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