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Exciting New Features in your  DART People Management System

Well, maybe I’m a little later than I had hoped with announcing the latest feature in to the next DART HR software release (v2.4). It isn’t anything to do with the development itself, it’s totally my fault! I have done some damage to my back (again) and sitting, standing, typing, in fact anything hurts beyond belief! Is that enough of an apology? I do hope so, anyway, less about me, more about DART (although I am enjoying the violins playing in the back ground 🙂 )

So, my exciting news!

If I said “DART Dashboard, what would you think? Do you imagine a view of information helping you navigate safely and informatively to your destination? Well, then you would be spot on! I am really excited to say we have been able to introduce, to our people management tool just that!

HR Dashboard

The DART Dashboard showing ‘your’ holiday. There is also the facility to book further holiday!

It will show you your current holiday entitlement, any days you have booked too in a quick and easy to understand view.

You can also help you request any further holiday that you may wish to book. Hopefully, making the process quick and easy for everybody.


If you are a manager/team leader and you look after a team, it will show you your team’s holiday summary, including leave  that is taken, booked and any unauthorised holiday requests that could exist. If that is the case, then you can then authorise the leave with a simple click of a button which is present in the dashboard too!


Team Calendar

View the Team Calendar by simply pressing this button



To enable you to make the judgement call about authorising the holiday we have created an function within the dashboard that loads a calendar view of your team. Using the powerful list all function it produces a calendar of ‘Your team’













This will allow you to ensure you have enough staff in to cover the leave before you authorise it.

HR Dashboard

Your Team Calendar View via the DART Dashboard












Excited? I hope so! It’s something we have been asked for a while now and hope you all see it as a real benefit to you and your business.

Rest assured all security restrictions are factored in with this new HR tool too.


Is that it I hear you cry? Well, no, I have something else new up my sleeve for you. Would you find a quick overview of your week and the week ahead useful? How about this. It’s a reminder section within the Dashboard allowing you to see what is happening within your team this week and next.


Dashboard Events

This week and next week overview of your staff’s activities



You are reminded of staff absences including holidays, time off in lieu, dentist trips etc. or activities that you as their manager should be managing, like appraisals or ensuring there is enough cover whilst a member of staff is on a training course.



In the example here, this week, I have an appraisal to do with Jack and he is absent too. You can click on the item and it will load the DART window automatically for you.

Next week I can see that Jack is working a day he is not scheduled to work. He also has a holiday planned and I have Pete’s appraisal to do.







If you would like more information or a walk though of DART 2.4 then you know I am more than happy to run a bite sized overview of the new items via JoinMe.

Just drop me an email or give me a call on 01778 382707 I’d love to hear from you. Why not follow us on twitter? Tweet us at @CirrusPayHR

Now, I promise to be ‘back’ in touch next week with another new feature that you can look forward to!

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