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DART HR Software Training course

DART Training courses run at our head office or on site with you!

It’s more than a HR training course…..

DART is an intuitive product that we hope you find easy to navigate around however,  if you feel you may benefit from a specialist training course, we can help you and provide you with the assistance you need to get your started.

DART HR software training, with you, or here with us…….

Giving yourself time to learn something new is often perceived as a luxury, the day job comes first and rightly so, but with our DART Training courses we like to think we are utilising your time in a way that benefits your business in an on-the-job training course by utilising the time to treat it more of an implementation process by setting up live data that you can use in the future.

We can tailor the course to suit your own specific needs and help you get up and running with DART quickly.

A change in location to generate a change in focus…..

If you feel you would benefit from a training course away from your desk and the distractions that they may bring, then you are more than welcome to attend one of our monthly run workshops here in Peterborough at the Eventus Business and Innovation Centre.  We are located in a state of the art innovation centre based in the middle of the country, we feel our training courses give you the grounding you need to leave us fully primed with what you need to do to get yourself up and running with DART. We will provide you with drinks and a lovely lunch kindly provided by the marvellous Oasis Café.

Our course overview summarised below:

DART Configuration

Let us show you how to set up the HR system to support your businesses HR requirements.

Items such as:

Defining your Company and Organisation Structure

Your relevant Roles / Job Details

Company Holiday Schemes

Personal Development Plans

Create security profiles for you and your team

Employee Configuration

The input of employee data, where you place vital information about your staff and manage the information moving forward.

Items such as:

Load personal information for the people you manage.

Run through the Right to Work process.

Manage planned absence (like Holiday) and unplanned (like Sickness)

Calculation of Holiday Entitlement.

Training, record courses that have been attended and expiry dates.

Personal development schemes, such as CPD schemes.

Hourly Input for staff, temporary payments and deductions.

Recording and managing the Disciplinary process.

Scheduling off work hours, Rota schemes and specific overrides.

Pre defined Letter production.

Document management system.

Alert traffic light system.

Data Extract

Walk through how to extract the data quickly to utilise within reports or with other target systems.

Items such as:

Reports using the powerful List All feature.

Export data to Microsoft Excel ®

Extract Payroll Data for Sage ® or Star ® payroll systems.

Create team calendars.

Contact us about our DART training & check course availability

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