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Features and Benefits to DART HR SoftwareWatch a brief overview of DART

Security and peace of mind

Data breaches cost UK businesses 100s of 1000s every year. Avoid this ever happening to you by using DART and get access to a high level secure data centre with automatic back-ups.

Security is paramount, control who sees what. Whether it’s window or record level security, DART allows you to manage this and stay compliant with data regulations. Furthermore, DART benefits from the automatic audit processing that allows you to verify your data, consequently allowing you to maintain information accuracy.

Achieve greater accuracy and proficiency

Intuitive by design, inbuilt traffic light style Alerts, letter generator and document management system, in-product help pages and prompts are just some of the things that help users navigate and use the system effortlessly. As a result, this leads to outstanding information accuracy and benefits increased productivity that growing, ambitious businesses rely on.

Most of all, never worry about missing something important! System and User Alerts are a key part of the system, they are automated ‘post-it-notes’ to remind you of things you may need to do.

Report, review, improve, budget & forecast

The simply amazing ‘List All’ reporting feature in DART gives you almost instant access to an unlimited amount of accurate Management Information to help you manage your departments and business. Then, extract the results into excel ®

And, it’s all included in DART’s sensible annual pricing structure with no hidden costs or paid for extras.

Proactively manage absence and ensure business continuity

Almost the entire leave management process can be automated by using DART. Anything from sickness absence to ‘family friendly’ or time off for learning can be captured. DART will even produce a handy, one-page colourful Calendar document of all dated events at the touch of a button to give you instant attendance information and an overview of available resource.

See what events are planned, spot trends and manage all types of absence in the DART Calendar.

Improve attendance

Simply recording and tracking sickness absence alone can improve attendance. Proactively tackling it using the Manage Absence module will reduce sickness absence further by allowing you to identify problems more clearly. DART gives you support with relevant processes, such as the in-built Bradford Factor scoring, and absence reporting.

Manage annual leave entitlement in one place with the Employee Holiday Manager!

Improve performance

Capture, monitor and manage training and development in DART and watch your workload reduce, your staff’s productivity improve and your profits rise. Plus, tailor what you record for your business and stay compliant with regulated training and smash audit targets and deadlines.

Whether it’s standard training or more CPD based training our Training and Personal Development modules help you maintain your employee’s training levels and proactively which benefits your business.

Stay compliant and increase the value of your organisation

Take the burden out of legislation compliance such as Right to Work and turn it into a benefit by using DART’s Manage Right to Work module. Not only will you avoid any costly penalties; by incorporating and automating these processes you’ll free up vital spend in other areas.

Verify that your employee has the right to work here in the UK. Why check their eligibility?  The penalties for employing illegal workers are severe, so it’s important that employers take care in ensuring all people they employ are entitled to work in the United Kingdom. Reduce this risk by allowing DART to manage this process with you.

Save space and increase efficiency

DART will be your electronic filing cabinet. Quickly store, find, read and print documents all in and from DART. Never feel frantic again because you can’t lay your hands on something or need to quickly print or send a letter.

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