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We at Cirrus continually strive to provide only the best services for our clients in all areas of our business. Our Cirrus DART Upgrade Service will ensure that you, our valued customer, will receive the latest Cirrus DART release as and when required allowing you to remain on the recommended level of software throughout the year.

We strive for two functional releases per year, dependant on any UK legislation changes that have been introduced. We listen to our customers and the DART HR product backlog has many ‘It would be great if DART did this’ requirements. As a team we review this requests and map an expected release for that development work.

If a change is business critical to you then talk to us and we can focus on bespoke development for you and your organisation.


HR Software

DART HR Software – Simple. Affordable. Powerful for UK based SME’s

Let us show you what’s coming in the next upgrade, your accounts manager will contact you to arrange a convenient time to walk through the latest version of DART before it is released.


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