Simplifies HR for small and medium sized businesses

For any company, their most valuable asset is their people. That’s why Human Resources is such an important part of a company. Nowadays, software could be your most valuable tool when dealing with HR practices. By simplifying your administrative functions, you can deal more with the personal aspects of HR.

Do you work in HR? Want to achieve greater accuracy and proficiency?

There is no better online software than DART HR. At Cirrus, our software has a huge range of features that could benefit your business. It is particularly well-suited for small to medium sized businesses.

Among its powerful features is a ‘List All’ reporting tool. This gives you almost instant access to an unlimited amount of accurate Management Information. It is guaranteed to help you manage your departments and business with greater ease.

Our software could also significantly improve staff attendance. By monitoring staff leave more accurately, this will identify problems quickly and indicate the need for action.

We even offer a free 30 day trial.

To register for a free trial enter you details into here

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