Simplifies HR for small and medium sized businesses

Unlike other sectors, HR has a strong connection to every department. From observing how each team contributes to focusing on each individual’s needs, it’s a complex process. HR leaders play an important role in ensuring this goes smoothly. Understandably this can lead to a high pressure environment.

With economists and politicians concerned about UK productivity, the spotlight is currently set on HR. It’s believed by upgrading to a HR system and people management processes, productivity will vastly improve.

Your staff are believed to be your most valuable asset. If they are motivated, efficient and productive then the company is believed to be performing efficiently.

One way to improve matters is by using HR software. This not only reorganises practices, it will vastly improve data management. This will mean strong data for analysis and decision making, all of which improves performance. In today’s digital world, data analytics plays an increasingly important role in driving businesses forward.

Do you rely on Excel ® spreadsheets? Do you manage your HR processes offline or on paper? How many processes could be streamlined with a central online HR tool?

I would really like to hear from small to medium sized business owners on how you manage your staff currently? Is the preference still a filing cabinet or a move to a HR Software package? Your particular wants and needs for your HR function within your business.

Look out for our next blog, the subject matter being about Employer compliance, in particular checking your staff’s eligibility to work for you. 

Louise Pearson

DART Product Manager – Louise Pearson


Louise Pearson

Product Manager for DART HR Software.

Simplifies HR for small and medium sized businesses.


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