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DART HR Product Overview

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DART is our innovative HR product designed to support managers with extensive tools to record and manage staff.

Within DART we cater for all parts of HR management. DART HR Software

  • Starters (Employment Eligibility checks & re-checks), Leavers & Contract changes
  • Maintaining Pay, Salary History & Job History
  • Individual Calendar view or Team Calendar view
  • Benefits and Allowance profiling
  • Powerful in built list reporting tool plus standard reports
  • DART Dashboard to give you an overview of your staff’s up-and-coming events
  • Training (Including Personal Development schemes like  CPD etc.)
  • Employee Disciplinary (with a built in letter production tool to help guide you through the process)
  • Work Schedules (including, Rotas’ and overriding planned hours)
  • Organisation Charting – full drag and drop functionality and reporting
  • Absence Management Module (Planned and Unplanned Absences; Holiday entitlement through Auto Accrual)
  • Manage Appraisals
  • Broadcast Company Messages within DART to all DART users
  • Dynamic Security profiling
  • Employment Law based letters

……to name but a few!

We have highlighted some of the features in DART, take a look and view how they may benefit you and your business. If you require further information then email us at  supstpport@cirrusspbotit.com  to arrange for an online overview of our HR software.

Payroll Extract

DART drives payroll which negates the need for the duplication of data entry.

DART Data Management: Input Through DART & Pass to Payroll.

As well as holding all the basic HR details you would expect in a HR product, such as Address details, Contact information and Personal details, we can store data that your payroll function may require, items such as P45 information and Pay details. Then, when the time is right, the DART extract process can take the information, extract it into a file in the correct format to feed a SAGE ® or STAR ® payroll system then mark and store the data in history.

Employee’s ‘Right to Work’ here in the UK.

There are strict rules on who you can employ at your workplace & for how long. Within DART we take you through the steps required to ensure you follow the correct legislation that resides within the UK, for your new starters, as well as your existing staff.

For each new starter you place into DART, you will be prompted for you to check their eligibility to work at your organisation. We can accommodate all the information and evidence you have (like scanned copies of their passport) to ensure you have a legitimate ‘excuse!’ in employing them should you be investigated by the UK Borders agency.

Any employee’s with a limited right to work in the UK will be flagged for re-checking before the anniversary of the re check. This is a real benefit to having HR Software automate reminders to keep you compliant.

Eligibility to Work

Verify that your staff are eligible to work for you. Re-check alerts all built into DART.


 For more information on Employee Right to Work within DART please read our more detailed overview

DART Dashboard

The dashboard is a self-service style module that allows you to manage your holiday booking process as well as your team. It is a great feature for line managers who process holiday requests for their team. You can view your team’s calendar, authorise holiday requests and see any activities (whether planned or unplanned) for your staff you can also see any broadcasted messages that have been sent.

News and Update messages

You can also see company defined messages that are broadcast by the DART administrators – this could be items such as a reminder of a company meeting, cut off date for Payroll or the date of the Christmas party.

You can define a time period for each message too!

Company Messages

DART News and Updates

Holiday Entitlement

The Dashboard will also show you your current holiday entitlement, along with any days you have booked, in a quick and easy to understand view.

You can also help you request any further holiday that you may wish to book. Hopefully, making the process quick and easy for everybody.

If you are a manager/team leader and you look after a team, it will show you your team’s holiday summary, including leave  that is taken, booked and any unauthorised holiday requests that could exist. If that is the case, then you can then authorise the leave with a simple click of a button which is present in the dashboard too!

Team Calendar

Team Calendar

View the Team Calendar by simply pressing this button

To enable you to make the judgement call about authorising the holiday we have created an function within the dashboard that loads a calendar view of your team. Using the powerful list all function it produces a calendar of ‘Your team’

This will allow you to ensure you have enough staff in to cover the leave before you authorise it.

HR Dashboard

Your Team Calendar View via the DART Dashboard


With the quick overview of your week and the week the reminder section within the Dashboard allows you to see what is happening within your team this week and next.

Dashboard Events

This week and next week overview of your staff’s activities

You are reminded of staff absences including holidays, time off in lieu, dentist trips etc. or activities that you as their manager should be managing, like appraisals or ensuring there is enough cover whilst a member of staff is on a training course.

In the example here, this week, I have an appraisal to do with Jack and he is absent too. You can click on the item and it will load the DART window automatically for you.

Next week I can see that Jack is working a day he is not scheduled to work. He also has a holiday planned and Pete has an appraisal booked.

Organisation Chart

Build a structure that reflects your business. Re-organise the departments in advance of the business change, report and review your staff through this easy to use interface.

The DART Organisation Structure View, drag and drop your people and departments around. Review and report at a click of a button.

Org Chart

DART Organisation Chart

Drag and Drop your staff into different Departments; Align Managers and Authorisers to Departments; Move Departments to different Levels/Parents; Close Departments; Define defaults Cost Centres & Locations to Departments all within this one place.

Job Details and History

This facility allows you to change and maintain employee roles within DART, so you can easily view their job progression along with salary history. The historical hourly rate is recorded and is utilised when processing individuals overtime, ensuring that the correct hourly rate is used for the actual day the overtime was accrued.

Job History and Reporting

Maintain Job History to display job progression.

Holiday Management

The management of your staff holidays and their holiday entitlement calculations is something that affects all businesses. Within DART’s absence module you can:

  • Define your Company scheme.
  • Enrol members of staff into the scheme.
  • Allow the scheme to manage entitlement e.g. Part Year Joiners or  Part Time staff working a proportion of the standard Company week.
  • Enable you to monitor & control requested, booked & taken annual leave, in this holiday year or the next.
  • Each year the system will renew their entitlement.

Holiday Entitlement Scheme

Define the company holiday scheme as per your company handbook.

For any anomalies to the standard Company holiday scheme, use our holiday supplements options. Make the scheme flexible for your employees  allowing you to manage specific changes such as the buying or selling holiday entitlement.

Employee Holiday Entitlement

Modify the standard company holiday scheme with supplements, both permanent (like a part time supplement) and temporary supplements (like a starter supplement)


Employee Calendar

The fantastic DART Calendar allows you to view any dated events for your employee all in one place. Easily spot patterns or trends to absences or get a general overview of holidays when planning time off.

Plus with DART just double click on any dated item and it will load the event for you to see in detail!

Employee Calendar

Spot trends and report on forthcoming activities through the employee calendar.


Alerts in DART will keep you up to date with employee events and actions. We treat them like computerised ‘Post-It-Notes’. To understand the urgency of a task DART Alerts uses the familiar RAG system (Red, Amber + Green) to prioritise by colour types. Plus you can access the action from within this window, assign the alert to a specific user and close the Alert down.


Never forget. Traffic light Alerts to remind you of events that may need your attention in a priority order, Red, Amber and Green alerts.

Review our brochure Find out more Request a Demo 30 Day Free Trial Email Us Watch a brief overview of DART

Please read the DART HR Software V3.1 Release Notes

Please read the DART HR Software V3.0 Release Notes


DART is very easy to use HR Tool

“DART is very easy to use and contains many features specifically designed to effectively support users in senior management and administrative roles. Tools like the legal letters as well as Alerts keep you constantly up-to-date on matters affecting each person and are invaluable in forward planning.”

Mark Norman - Head of Finance and Operations
Charis Grants Ltd

Cirrus’s DART HR software is excellent

“Cirrus’s DART HR software is excellent. Having had experience of other software we consider DART to be a far superior product. It is powerful, but very easy to use. As a law firm, we find it contains many interesting features which one would normally expect in a considerably more expensive system.”

Lynne Ayres - Managing Partner
Hunt and Coombs Solicitors

We have been using Cirrus’s DART HR Software for well over a year

“We have been using Cirrus’s DART HR Software for well over a year. It is a very reliable product which does everything that we require for our business. The support team is friendly and helpful and always quick to respond. I would have no hesitation in recommending DART to anyone. It contains many excellent features that we find very simple to use.”

Rachel Morris - Office Manager

Right from the start, Cirrus impressed us

“Right from the start, Cirrus impressed us with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. We needed some bespoke work creating to support our specific business needs for our payroll system. They gathered our requirements, delivered what we required on time and were very competitive on price. We would use Cirrus again.”

Nick Browne - Group Payroll Manager
DC Leisure

I would totally endorse the whole team at Cirrus

“Cemex has been working with Cirrus since 2006 on various HR and Payroll projects and I would totally endorse the whole team at Cirrus. Their skills and attention to detail has been unparalleled and they always go the extra mile.”

Kevin Murch - Payroll and HR System Manager United Kingdom

Cirrus add real value to our projects

“We have been working with Cirrus since 2009, engaging with them for both Business Analyst and Development skills on 2 different legislative Pensions projects. We have always received first class service, delivery and results in both skill-set areas and often with challenging timescales.

Cirrus add real value to our projects as they understand our core HR/Payroll system – PSenterprise (PSe) – their personnel having a wealth of knowledge and experience of the product. They translate this expertise with excellent results on; requirements analysis; system design and Development/build of customized solutions/functionality.

We look forward to maintaining an excellent relationship with Cirrus as we take key projects forward. An example of which this year, is a project to enable Debenhams to comply with the new Pensions Reform legislation.”

Katy Baker - Business Analyst, HR & Payroll Systems

Having used other HR systems before DART is miles ahead

“Having used other HR systems before DART is miles ahead.  It is so user friendly that managers can easily use the full functionality without having to rely on an administrator.  The team at Cirrus get to know your business and what specifications would suit, nothing is too difficult for them and they are always willing to assist.  Other products are extremely expensive and have additional costly ‘extras’, DART has more functionality than some of these systems and is so reasonably priced.   Wish I had found Cirrus sooner!”

Genevieve Arnold - HR Manager
Crown Aspinalls London
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